HaxBot is another of my Product and is not any downloadable product.

HaxBot is a Discord Bot which is hooked into multiple APIs including steam and ARK.
An explanation how it works roughly you will find below.

HaxBot is not a free to use bot, you can add it to your discord but it won’t do anything until activated.

How to setup and buy HaxBot you can find here:

HaxBot is a self service setup! Follow the instructions on the link above and you’re good!
If you want to have it setup by me, let me know we can figure out a way with a one time fee.

Purchase / Buy
To purchase or buy HaxBot you need to have an valid subscription.

Pricing: https://www.lazyclicker.eu/haxbot-pricing/

HaxBot is a servicing product which you will pay monthly, check this link to create an account and setup your Membership level:


Subscriptions are based on PayPal, in order to have Steam-ID features you need to purchase at least one server.

One server means 1 ARK Server monitoring.

The basic bot includes all features described on this page except steam-ID Monitoring.

Formula for pricing:

(5€ + (X ARK-Servers * 3,50€)) * Discord Server

Here you can find the current commandlist:

When adding HaxBot you agree to the https://www.lazyclicker.eu/eula/

How does it work?

Many people are asking how its working, I try to explain as good as possible to give you an rough overview.

First of all you need to distingish between steam-ID enabled HaxBot and non-SteamId enabled.

If you plan to use only HaxBot without Steam-ID tracking / monitoring you won’t be able to use any features relating to steam-Id’s. Below I will explain the entire Bot including all the features.

HaxBot has multiple modules which were added time by time as required.

Let’s start with the very first one:

ARK Server queries:
This module / feature will allow you to query any official ARK server with just a command “!server”.
It will give back the information of how many players are on the server and what players are currently connected.
The servers are stored in a background database and have their own internal Server-ID, which you will find also in multiple commands to specify.

This feature does not only allow you to display data, it also allows you to add related data to a specific server, e.g. adding tribes , add screenshots or just a simple comment to it.
Once added and you query the information again, it will display the data for you – this data will only be stored for your discord server.

Tribe management:
Moving from adding tribes to a server we can get straight into tribe management!
In HaxBot you can add any tribe you like with it’s relation (Enemy, Allied, Friendly, Neutral) – when you add a tribe it will also show the tribe with the !server query as a result.

The tribe itself doesen’t do much unless you add it to a server! Once added a tribe to one more more servers you can then also show all servers of a specific tribe (command !showservers <TribeName>). This will return a list of servers for this specific tribe and its current player numbers!
Perfect if you want to grief a specific tribe and you wanna know what servers has the lowest number.

Adding tribes to a server will also take effect later in the steam-ID feature to auto-classify players.
With adding a tribe the Bot can “guess” what steam-Ids are potential enemies or friendly and it will change the steam-ID relation for you to the best guessed one. But more to that in the auto-classify section.

Timers were mainly build in to have a timer counting down to 0 especially for stuff to empty or hatch, e.g. empty snails, egg hatch.

You can add a custom timer with a random name and your own command to reset it. Also you set your own time in minutes how long it runs or you can add @mention to tag people if needed.

With the timer-dashboard you can display all current timers setup. The Dashboard will refresh every 2 seconds and displays the current time remaining. (command: !enable timerdashboard)

!enable timers command will enable the channel to be active to receive the custom command to reset a timer.
Once you type your keyword to reset the timer, the bot will react with a thumbs up to confirm it has been reset.
Once reset you also see the timerdashboard will now count down the preset minutes until it hits 0.

Once it hits 0, it will notify people in the timerdashboard channel, if and @mention tag has been set during setup, this mention tag will be also used to notify these people.

Whats the custom command?
The custom command is nothing else than the keyword you can type to re-activate the timer

Very simple feature to send a message in a specific channel of what people joined the discord and what people left it.
Usage: !enable memberlog

The keepclear feature can be compared to a channel cleanup feature.
Just with the difference that you can specify how old the message has to be until it will be deleted.

Usage with !enable keepclear -mins XX

The minutes will specify how many minutes old the message needs to be until it will be deleted.
Keepclear runs in a periodic schedule of every minute.

Note: If you have e.g. Timerdashboard enabled with a refreshing message, the Bot will know and won’t delete those messages periodically refreshed by the bot.

The serverstatus will simply display the current server playernumber in a refreshing message.
HaxBot will query the servers playercount every few seconds and refreshes / edits the message posted previously.

You can add a server status by using command !addstatus <server-ID>
And you can remove a server with !delstatus <server-ID>

Steam-ID features

Before we get into those features I’d like to say that the data steam returns isn’t always the real truth. Sometimes players show up on servers for a longer time they are actually on it.
For this issue I’ve built a logic to only sent an alert once a player joins. With the data delivered you can’t determine if a player has left with an accurate time.

General architecture
Generally all Steam-Ids are available on activated discord servers. Every discord server has its own relations of steam-Ids which they can maintain individually.
For Steam-Ids the relation, tribe and custom name can be assigned. The relations you can add a steam-Id to are Enemy, Allied, Friendly, Unknown and Neutral .
Once the Bot is added for the first time all steam-Ids will have the relation “Unknown”.
You have to maintain your own set of steam-ID relations – they won’t be shared across discords.

In order to do that, you can act manually or use the auto-classify feature described below.

Steam-ID join notification (Alerts)
You can add join notifications for any ARK server to any discord channel the Bot has access to write.
The alerts / notifications are based and setup based on steam-ID relations.

e.g. if you want to receive alerts for all unknowns, you will specify in the alert “-rel unknown”
Whenever a steam-Id joins and the steam-Id relation is set to “Unknown” in your discord database, it will post a message to the channel you added the alert to.
The alert will account for ALL steam-Ids and not only one single one to alerts.
The Alerts are always based on the relation you specify.

The command used is !steamlog and can be found in the commandlist.