HaxBot – How-To setup

This page will describe you in a short way how you can setup HaxBot easily.

Note: If you want to buy LazyClicker (AutoClicker, joiner etc…) this is the wrong page, go to:

  1. You need to have an valid subscription!
    In order to make a subscription you need an account which you can create here:

    After you created the account you need to confirm your E-Mail address like on every other page. After thats done you can login under your “Membership account” on the link above or on the right side.
  2. If your subbing the first time, you will get a selection list of HaxBot after you login:

    If you subscribed already and you want to resubscribe, go to “Cancel” first and then you get back to the screen above!
  3. Select the setup you want to go with and checkout via PayPal (Small radio button)
  4. After you’ve done the checkout, make sure you follow the instructions showing on your accountpage:
    You also got the instructions sent by E-Mail !
  5. If you follow the instructions on the link above, the bot will automatically activate on your discord and you can start to set it up!

Basic setup

  1. Create a role called “HaxBot” – no permissions required
    (Yes, there is already a role when you invite the bot, but create another one!)
    This role is used as “Admin-Role” within the bot. If you have the role assigned to yourself you can do changes, delete stuff, add stuff etc. If you don’t have it your limited to only view things. (Even your admin 🙂 )
  2. Create a channel for logging
    HaxBot posts errors and events in a general channel, to enable this channel, post in the channel: !enable corelog
    HaxBot will post logs for steam-id classification & errors if they occur.

Enable modules

In order to use different modules you can show yourself a list with !modules command, also described in https://www.lazyclicker.eu/haxbot/haxbot-commandlist/

Select the modules like “server” to enable it, otherwise you will get an error similar to “Channel is not enabled for module”.

Most common modules to enable are:
!enable server //enables the channel for simple server queries like !server 123
!enable corelog // As above mentioned it enables the generel log for the bot.
!enable memberlog


A full commandlist you will find here:


Here a few tutorials which will help you to setup HaxBot properly: