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Update 19/05/2018

Current version:   Changes: Fixed issues where it wouldn’t drop items properly in the LazyClicker Added support for right click! – You can choose now between right & left click Improved the process if how items get dropped – removed unneccesary  steps. You can set now how often the Clicker should check if the […]

Update 05/04/2018

In this update was added: Rollrat also available in dropdown for LazyClicker Auto-Fisher, never snap a fish anymore! No settings required, sit on a chair and enjoy

Update 25/03/2018

Hi all,   on this short notice update I added: – Support for a weird resolution – Changed Logic how to quit ark. It will be killed now instead of properly closed, this will save time during joining.   Enjoy!

Version update 24/03/2018

Follwing changed with the most recent update: Added support for widescreen (2560×1080 resulution) Added deployment version displays Added beta feature Auto-Fisher Small Bugfixes regards recognizing error message in module Auto-Joiner

First entry

Hi all, this is the first entry on this Blog/Website. In the LazyClicker menu I will post what changes with every update you receive.   Be aware the documentation pages are not entirely completeed yet but will be completed soon. #   Here is an quick overview: Here is the most recent version of the […]